5 Things Cis People Can Actually Do For Trans People (Now That You Care About Us)

The (Trans)cendental Tourist

It’s been a weird year for trans people.

Allow me to be more specific: It’s been a heated, daring, tumultuous, graphic, specularizing, aggressive, pointed,contentious, highlyfatal, and really, really complicated year for trans people.

Here are a few examples: Kristina Gomez Reinwald, Ty Underwood, Lamia Beard, and many othertranswomen of color have been brutally murdered at the hands of lovers, family members, and strangers.Meanwhile,Laverne Cox and Janet Mock have come to fame and exhibited incrediblefeats of grace, articulation, and poignancy under the gaze ofan eager media. Blake Brockington, Leelah Alcorn, Taylor Alesana, and many other transgender youth have committed suicide afterenduring endless bullying and systematic brutality. Meanwhile, Jazz Jennings became the new face of Clean & Clear and published a children’s picture book about her life, and teen trans couple Arin Andrews and KatieHill (best known for “Can You Even Believe They’re Trans?!” types of headlines) wrote and published individual books…

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‘Let Love Be Free’


This Is A Poetic Tribute To The Gay Community & Their SupportersLoveW

“We hide from the world,

We fear for our lives,

and never shall we be truly free.

Love is love,

Let love be free,

A kiss won’t be the end of the world by me.

If you fear my love, 

You fear yourself not me,

What we wish in this life is to only love as we please.

Written By

Salman Khan as a tribute to all those who love and support the LGBT/ gay community.


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Pickup guru Roosh V: Women who cut their hair short are committing self-harm — and should be “monitored by authorities”

we hunted the mammoth

Check out the fertility on these gals! Check out the fertility on these gals!

The war of short-haired women against dudes and their pants feelings continues. Indeed, it’s gotten so bad that pickup artist/rape legalization proponent Roosh V is calling for state intervention.

In a blog post today, Mr. V cites a passage in an Evo Psych textbook suggesting that men tend to prefer long hair on women because healthy hair is an indication of good health and diet, and therefore of “higher reproductive value” in women.

And if cutting off this hair is displeasing to the boners of dudes like Roosh, well, it must mean that women who wear their hair short are, quite literally, mentally ill. No, really; that’s what he thinks. (Emphasis mine.) 

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Another 101 Fact: There is no such thing as reverse sexism

No such thing as Reverse sexism.

The Gender Blender Blog

Something that I often get asked is “aren’t feminists just being reversely sexist?” or “isn’t feminism just reverse sexism?”  No, and no.  There is no such thing as reverse sexism.  First of all, let’s establish a working definition of sexism: Just like how racism = power + prejudice based on skin color, sexism = power + prejudice based on gender.  When talking about the various forms of oppression, many people often confuse prejudice with the ism.  From Failure to Communicate:

That “+ power” portion of the equation is one of the most important parts.  This is not to say that the disenfranchised cannot be prejudiced, because many of them are, but without power, they are not actually working within the systematic framework of advantage created by the majority to privilege themselves.

Therefore, a person who does not exist with the necessary institutionalized power and privilege of belonging to…

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5 Things No One Is Actually Saying About Ani DiFranco or Plantations

Scott Woods Makes Lists

The Great Ani DiFranco Plantation Kerfuffle of 2013 has been something of a boon to people who debate and study race in America. In DiFranco, anyone who’s ever cared about race or Birkenstocks has had a light cast on the perception of just how far race matters have really progressed, which is to say, not as far as we thought. DiFranco is progressive and hip and down for the cause…and, as it turns out, completely full of white privilege. She rolled with booking a plantation for a retreat, then faux-apologized (poorly) for that decision, then a couple of other notable friends defended her abysmally, and finally she issued what most people consider a more genuine – if late – apology with all the appropriate feels (and 80% less foot in mouth). So while she isn’t Michael Fassbender from 12 Years a Slave, it turns out she might be kicking…

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Ladies Who Need More Love: Martha Jones (Doctor Who)

In this article series, we have set out to identify and discuss female characters that we believe can be great characters, but whose potential has been overlooked or ignored by writers, fanbases, and the mainstream media.

The fifth on our list:

Martha Jones from Doctor Who

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 17.49.48

Martha Jones [Freema Agyeman] appears in the third season of the rebooted version of Doctor Who, as a companion to the Tenth Doctor [David Tennant]. While many fans consider Martha to be the first black companion on the show, others dispute this fact, claiming that title belongs to Mickey Smith [Noel Clarke] who appeared in first and second season, traveling with the Doctor temporarily. Either way, Martha’s introduction should have been a Doctor Who milestone, as she was the first person of colour to travel with the Doctor on a permanent basis, but instead her time as the Doctor’s companion has been…

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Horrible Veet Ads

Horrible Veet Ads

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My letter/poem to this world’s homophobes

Dear homophobes: I don’t recall asking for your opinions on my sexuality or my love life.
But just to clarify, in a short and simple way; My sexuality, just like yours, won’t change.
I was born this way, and that is not something you can change.
Your opinions on my “lifestyle” mean less than dirt to me.
Here’s a fact that might help, too; My sexuality will never change, but your attitude can.
I will always be gay, just as you’ll always be <insert sexuality here> It’s not something we choose.
However, I can, and will, choose to live a life of tolerance and acceptance.
It’s a choice you can make too; Live a loving, fulfilling life of acceptance, or live an empty life full of hatred.
Please think of this from now on.
Your hatred is not welcome in a world of love.
Your discrimination suffocates the happiness of thousands.
You tear us apart with your deep hatred.
We will not fight your hatred with more hatred.
Rather, we shall counter your hate with our love.
Acceptance goes further than intolerance.
Our love will conquer your cold hearts.
We will create a revolution.
A revolution based on love, for love.
Your hate can not silence us.
Homophobia does not belong in a peaceful world.
I believe in equality,
Therefore I fight against your hatred.
I am not alone.
I know we are many,
Who believe that love truly does conquer all.
So, dear homophobes; Either let go of your hatred, and join our love,
And help make this world a better place.
Or be smothered by your own hearts, full of hate, void of empathy…

Don’t discriminate or hate; Accept and protect everyone.

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Why I need feminism

My name is Tobias Ådin. I identify as intersex/agender, I am homosexual and I am a feminist.

I tell you this, because these things are what people react the most to when I introduce myself. Most reactions are quite negative, especially the part about being a feminist. “But, you’re a gay man, why do you hate other men?” Is a common question, or “You’re a feminist? Why?

This is why I need feminism; Because apparently, supporting women’s rights and fighting for equality is a bad thing, that is frowned upon. And apparently, I hate men because I’m a feminist, even though man hating is NOT equivalent with being a feminist (Some feminists hate men, yes, but they are not the majority).

So, why do I need feminism? here’s why;

1: Because I even need to answer this question.

Being a feminist is not a bad thing, and the fact that I need to answer the question of why I am a feminist, proves that we all need feminism.

2: Because I am typically discriminated against for breaking the norm and the heterosexual matrix.

I am not a man, I am agender, because that’s how I identify. That is something people can’t seem to accept, because it means I don’t conform to their thoughts that there is only male and female. I’m not a cisperson, and I am not heterosexual, therefore I break the illusion of the heterosexual matrix; Ergo, I am considered a threat. Feminism is so far the only ideology that supports me and allows me to be who I am, no strings attached.

Feminism shows me that I am not any less worthy just because I’m gay and agender.

Feminism accepts all, it supports equality. That’s what feminism is about; Total equality.

3: Because I live in a world where the norm is more important than my well being.

I suffer from various mental illnesses, which also contributes to me being discriminated. We live in a world where it is almost impossible for an adolescent to get a job, and if you admit that you have mental health problems, you are immediately sent down the hierarchic social ladder. You are treated as an inferior, you become the illness you suffer from, rather than the individual you are.

4:  Because I was taught that appearance is more important than skill.

“Appearance is important, dress for the job you want.” These things, telling people that you have to look good to get a job, is not healthy, it teaches us that good looks gets you further than actual skill. It starts from childhood, even; We are indoctrinated with the thought pattern that “modest is hottest”, and “if you dress like that, then it’s no wonder you got raped.” Slut shaming is an everyday thing for women, and it’s not okay.

5: Because I have suffered too, and because we teach children that it’s okay to use others. The majority of rape reports, sexual harassment and abuse etc. come from women, and thus, we focus a lot on the do’s and dont’s for women, rather than actually teaching “Don’t rape, don’t force yourself on others” etc. And the classic “Boys will be boys” which seems to justify any behaviour of a man, regardless of what he’s done. This “boys will be boys” is dangerous, because it teaches us that a man is allowed to do what he wants to others, because that’s his right. Which it’s not!

But also, there are of course men who got raped, sexually assaulted, abused etc. both by women and other men. In the very rare case that a man reports being raped or another sexual crime, he is not asked what he was wearing the night, whether he was drunk or not, etc. but he is instead emasculated. His “status” as a tough macho man (as society raises our boys to be) is questioned after such a crime, and he is subjugated to a social belittling, whether consciously or not, by society.

I am a victim of sexual harassment, but because I was in third grade when it happened, and because the principal and entire school was indoctrinated by the whole “boys will be boys” and the constant act of pretending that bullying didn’t exist, I was forced into silence by the masses. I was told that “Rumours like that are rude” and “You should be nicer to your classmates” whenever I tried to avoid the boy, who I might add, was my classmate. And whom I had to go to school with every day; This naturally meant that every day, he would sexually harass me, and every time I told someone, he got sympathy and I was ridiculed.

Eventually, I just gave up and kept quiet, which is the last thing you should ever do!.

That’s why I need feminism; Because feminism doesn’t discriminate, or look the other way: Feminism deals with the problems and encourages people to talk about their experiences and get the help they deserve.

6: Because I am not accepted. I don’t care what other people think of me, but I do value my friends and my family’s opinion of me. And that’s why it hurts when sometimes, my own family doesn’t acknowledge me as agender. It’s because they can’t understand that I don’t conform to the standards that they grew up in, and they can’t acknowledge my gender identity, because the concept is too bizarre to them.And it’s not just my identity, it’s my looks; Friends and family constantly bombard me with comments about how my hair looks untreated, when’s the last time I showered, why don’t I take better care of my skin, etc. Those words cut like a knife, and they only make me feel more miserable.

The few times when I am vain and comment about my appearance, such as “I love my hair”, the comments come pouring in; “How can you love it? You obviously don’t take care of it.” And they proceed to tell me how to look.

This is why I need feminism; Because I, as well as everyone else; Children, trans*, agender, gender-fluid, cisperson, etc. Everyone are constantly judged by their looks. This is something feminism fights against; We should be judged by our personality, not our physical appearance.

7: Because I need to write this list. This is the main reason why I need feminism; Because in 2014, I still have to write a list of why I need feminism, of why equality is NOT achieved, not by a mile. Because I need to write this, and hope to prove that feminism is an essential part in achieving equality.

I need feminism, because people still ask me why I’m a feminist, and because people actually think that we live in a world where this inequality and these constant hate crimes, human rights violations, and suicide/death rates are abnormally high, is socially acceptable.

I need feminism, because without it, I don’t believe we’ll ever live in a decent world. 

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Feminism is Optimism

Well spoken words! A feminist is an optimist, not a killjoy!

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